This chapter presents the research method, sampling technique used and the respondents of the study. It also provides data gathering instrument used and statistical treatment that will be utilized by the researchers.
Method of Research
The researchers will use the descriptive method in determining the perceived sources of stress of the students by distributing questionnaires specifically the Dental Environmental Stress Questionnaire. With this questionnaire the researchers will be able to know statistically the specific areas where the proponents must concentrate.
Setting of the Study
The study will take place at Centro Escolar University, San Miguel, Manila only.
Centro Escolar University was established on 1907 located in the central business district of the National Capital Region at 9 Mendiola St., San Miguel, Manila City.
School of Dentistry, Established in 1925 provides solid ground in the essentials of Dental Medicine. Most of the dentists in the Philippines were CEU graduate. The Dentistry Program is managed by experienced dental professionals, who provide integrated educational programs based upon advanced technology. Students work with the most modern dental learning equipment stimulators, complete operating rooms, x-ray facilities, and laboratories as they learn patient-centered clinical care.
The programs offered are 6-year Dentistry Course (2 years Preparatory Dentistry and 4 years Dentistry Proper) leading to the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine; Master of Science in Health Education (Major in Dental Education); Master of Science in Dentistry Orthodontics, Periodontics with Implant Dentistry.
Subject of the Study
The respondents of the study are regular 2nd year proper students of Centro Escolar University Manila. The study population will be composed of 225 students out of 537 who are currently enrolled.
Sampling Technique
The researchers will use Purposive Random Sampling technique, this sampling technique is supposed to have a specific criterion in which in this study is that the sample should be 2nd year proper students who are enrolled in Centro Escolar University. The sample size is computed using the raosoft software which has a 5% confidence level of 95% response distribution of 50% with a total sample size of ???
Data Gathering Instrument Used
The researchers used for gathering the data in this study was distributing The Modified Dental Environmental Stress Questionnaire which will be answered by the students as honestly as possible.
The questionnaire is concerned with the following:
Part 1. Profiling (Age and Sex)
Part 2. Rating how stressful the respondents feel on each statement. (1-not stressful, 2-somewhat stressful, 3-quite stressful, 4-very stressful)
Validation of Instrument
The researchers will choose 10 experts to check their modified questionnaire from Garbee’s original Dental Environmental Stress Questionnaire to help them improve if there are any revision and to also approve the questionnaire.
Reliability of Instrument
The researchers will distribute 30 sample questionnaires to students who are not in the subject of the study. They will then give it to the statistician that will use Cronbach Alpha and show the results that will be included.

Ethical Consideration
The researchers’ questionnaire are in the process of approval by the Institutional Ethics Review Committee (IERC) in Centro Escolar University Manila.
Statistical treatment of Data
The researchers will use Descriptive Statistical Analysis by using the statistical tools, mean and percentage. They will also use Comparative Analysis Mean Standard Deviation and T Test.
Also included in this chapter is the concrete comparison between the necessary variables for this study. Such variables include the perceived sources of stress vs. the corresponding respondents according to age and according to sex. Discussions are then detailed after the portrayal of data.

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