There were times with the Denver Airport project where overconfidence got in the way of the project. There were also time when the project appeared out of reach and the main focus should have been on motivating others to achieve and find the loop holes. They had an issue with globalization. They needed people that were at an expert level in the fast-paced environment to assist with the project.

These new relationships require team members to learn how to work with others to achieve their goals. Team members must integrate through coordination and synchronization with suppliers, managers, peers, and customers. Teams of people are required to work with one another and rarely (and, in some cases, never) interact in a face-to-face fashion (Thompson, 7)

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As our text book brings out, there is not a formula to foolproof maintaining an effective team. With the Denver Airport project, an effective team should have been in place to realize the loop holes that were being created by the missed things in the project.

The teams performance also takes a toll in this project. The best models of teamwork focus on the internal processes of teams as well as how the team works with other units (Thompson, 22). There should have been more of the teams working together and communicating what the other teams are doing and where the timeline was in the project.


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