There is about over 3.5 billion thing being researched on google everyday, so of course you can see why google is making us stupid, everything you need to know is available at our fingertip. People of this generation have forgotten that there is other ways to learn or even study without using google search. But I should not use the word stupid because necessarily it is not making us stupid but it is taking away the fundamentals that we learn at a young age which does not mean we are going to forget how to count from 1-100 but it is showing us that it is okay to always use the easy shortcut everyday which is helping all of us gain really bad habits. Everyday people can not go a day without looking something up but little do they know every cause always has an effect and in this case it not a good one. In Carr’s article “Is Google Making us Stupid?” he explains to us how the internet is slowly changing the way we process information than how we use to before. We as people lack so many thing like communication skill, we are to focus looking up something unimportant we do not even know how talk to a person right next to us, but for some reason it comes way easier to do it over the internet. You can say people got lazy, they would rather get the direct answer in seconds than to try to figure out things the old fashion way.


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