There are too many stories to tell and general examples seem to paint my picture best. One chronicle I can think of, that may have had some influence happened in third grade. All I can recall about the teacher was some sort of tie dye jacket. But getting away from those details, this was the first year I learned to draw in three dimensions. I think, at least from what I can remember, I learned to write vivid coherent stories because of my new found ability to draw. The first small book I wrote because of these changes mixed up a vacuum and a rabbit in a tale; where the rabbit lived with his rabbit parents in a very rabbit like world. He had his rabbit parents and rabbit sister and just about rabbit everything. The rabbit’s days changed when he was sucked into a powerful innovative, yet secretly magical vacuum his mother had purchased. A whole new world opened up to the rabbit. There was a forest with hazelnut colored leaves and all kinds of new furry woodland creatures inside. The story introduced its plot when the daring rabbit learned of a dangerous force had taken control of the vacuum world. The book, only about ten hand written pages, also had a lot of illustrations to go along with the story. Most of my influence here probably had to do with my amazing adventures with my friends and family in the forest.


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