There are a lot of benefit that VR bring to our daily life. First, virtual reality can be used in training. For example, a pilot can use the simulators to train as it can avoid from getting hurt in training. Apart from the pilot, the firefighter are also can use the VR technology to train. As we know, the training for the firefighter are very dangerous, costly and also time consuming. When we have the VR technology, the firefighter can train with it in a virtual scene. Besides, the medical student can use this technology to start their first surgery to practise so that the medical accident can be avoid effectively. As a result, VR is a very good invention in the sector of training.

VR also bring benefit on leisure purpose. VR is wonderful gaming industry which make us to feel more involve in the game. We can try to explore an old temple, a dessert or even fly on the sky. VR can make it look like reality and make us immerse in that scene. Moreover, people can also do the outdoor exercise by using VR. People can run or bike indoor as the VR will change the scene which make people feel like they are at outdoor.

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VR also can make the learning process become more funny and attractive. A child is more attract by the colour, sounds, and other which is more reality but not the black and white text on the textbook. VR can fulfill their imaginary by provide them a 3D learning environment. By using VR technology, the learning process will become more interesting so that the student will be attract by it as the learning process become more practical and reality.

The benefit of the VR is save our cost. For example, in a training, we have limited cost, equipment, time and so on. VR can solve all of this problem as it can modelling a virtual scene which is not need us to prepare the equipment or space at all. It also provide a safe training environment for us because it not need us to train physically but virtually. So, no one will get injured in the training.

Based on the article of CNN, the VR can affect our health. The article said that there are lot of user complain about they feel headache, eye strain and so on. Expert explain that it is because the eye-brain connection are affected by the VR. In reality, our eyes will automatically converge and focus on a point, then our brain will couple this two respond together, but VR will separate them which will make our brain confusing. This cause sickness of motion.

The another disadvantage of the VR is people easy to addict with the virtual world. The virtual world that present by the VR is perfect and amazing which we haven’t see in the real world before that. The virtual world is beautiful, exciting then this real world. So the users will become addict with the virtual world after experience the VR technology as the virtual world is more attractive. So people are easy to get addicted with the VR.


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