The world today is witnessing a terrible development in the media, where this latter dominated the political, social, intellectual fields and cultural life; and played important roles in changing some concepts or establishing other concepts that may be right or wrong. The media is one of the most important channels in providing news and the formation of images in a dramatic, exciting and exaggerated way, where they play important roles in human societies and are affected in different aspects of life. The media provides information and ideas, different impressions and a perception that contribute to the formation of various images, and we note that these methods provide this information in accordance with an ideological policy aimed at serving their interests and purposes and policies.
The western cinema has played a negative role in shaping some mental images about Muslims, and encouraging contempt towards Islam and Muslims. Western media, especially American, French and Dutch have created many images of racism and hatred, especially after the events of September 11, 2001. In the mind of western societies, Islam and Muslims are the sources of terror, panic, and violence.
Movies play an influential role on various levels of human life, based on the strength of its content and its strong impression on the recipient; they undoubtedly reflect the values, culture, and lifestyle of society. Accordingly, this kind of media has become a magic window through which we see ourselves and the world that surrounds us.
In most western movies Islam is a religion that represents violence and polygamy and hit the women. This is very dangerous because this image is reproduced continuously, and this will make the western public united on Muslims as they are all bad, Which affords rational justification to fight and seek to eliminate them. Islamophobia is a concept that sums the depth of the crisis that affects the connection between Muslims and the west, it is a proof of the means of communication and of on the silver screen.


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