The three challenges of Human Resource in today’s workplace I think that would have an impact are leadership development, health care, and technology, these three challenges seem to have a growing demand on organizations that would create a numerous of challenges and opportunity in the next ten years.
The first challenge is leadership development a common challenge, billions of dollars are spent year after year, however, there are too many leaders that are out of touch with employees. Leadership development is used to expand the role for leaders as an organization grows. Leaders in an organization should focus on communicating with everyone about the changes. Studies show that a third of companies are implementing leadership development. However, leadership development is below average or poor than 1/3 in recent survey show that 66 % of companies were below average (Brandon Hall).
The second challenges are health care an ongoing challenge in the HR department with the laws changing especially with small business having less than 100 employees being able to shop for health care, can very well affect HR department in the next 10 years, as a small business owner health care is the number one issue I face in the salon industry, and has been one of the most important demand for some potential employees.
The third challenge is technology yet there are many opportunities and even more demands that an organization will face in the next 10 years because it is constantly changing any organization must be ready to learn new technology. Technologies is on the rise and organization use it in everyday aspect of the workplace.
As a small business owner, I am HR and when you are responsible for the cash flow, competition and revenue growth, the business relies on strong leadership, but having employees with potential leadership development helps the business grow.


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