The study practices quantitative research, which will be design to identify the criteria that the home buyer prefers when they want to buy a house which can influence their purchase decision making. It attempts to ascertain the relationship between property attribute, property surrounding and property view in relation with the purchase intention.

This design will allow the researcher to make a demonstration about the description of data and capable to identify the possibility between those variables. This quantitative study also can be considered as descriptive research design. This is because as mentioned the term of research that contain the collection and gathering data where consist of mean, standard deviation and term of frequency. Other than that, the characteristic of individual, situations or event can be explained by the descriptive research and inferential research.

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This Descriptive research design is being apply on this research because it is the most efficient research design to be apply. Descriptive research can outline something which could be a spectacle, a current condition of the structure in the organization, people, and so on. The researcher used descriptive research is to outline a lot of information like market factor, acceptance of new business concept and consumer behavior. The reason to adopt this descriptive research method because it the best method to describes the nature of specific relevant groups such as buyer and economic condition. It also suitable to answer the enquiry. It is very functional using this data in this findings as it supplies the information and detect the reason that influence consumer decisions to purchase a house in Perak (Kumar, Abdul Talib and Ramayah, Business Research Methods, 2013).

For more valuable and significant of the research the primary and secondary data is apply in this study to get the further information about the issues discussed in this study. The details for primary data can be refer to the information received by the researcher first in hand where the primary data acquired by the researcher through the distribution of close ended questionnaire. Then after all respondent already done respond all the enquiry that has been provide, the researcher collects all the questionnaire and will analyst it (Sekaran & Bougie, 2013).

Therefore, besides than primary data, the secondary data also used by the researcher to assist the primary data. The information of secondary data acquires by the researcher through university database, Google scholar, Emerald Insight, science direct, journals, academic books, articles and related web.


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