“the street behind became a following sea of 200,000 Chicagoans on foot and horseback, in phaetons, Victorias, and Stanhopes, and packed into omnibuses and streetcars” –
page 235 opening day

This shows a vivid image of the people of Chicago in 1893, being united together and proud to have the world fair in their city. The statement also shows the many modes of transport people used to get to the world fair, horses, carts, cars, buses and streetcars, it conveys the idea of just how busy and difficult it would have been to get there, As they are having to using many ways to get to the destination and the use of packing themselves shows the extent of how busy it was, It also highlights how the people of Chicago wanted to convey an appealing image of Chicago, So that people would come and visit from all over the world. Therefore, Helping Chicago’s economy and development. I chose this sentence as it showed a great image of the people of Chicago wanting this to work for city and how everyone had a sense of unity and came together to make the world fair work, they wanted it to succeed and be a competitor for the Eiffel tower in Paris. The sentence shows a positive outcome to the opening day and a hopeful image of success even though this is taken away a few days later when the Wall Street crash happens.

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