The social theory exists from traditional behaviour theory by seeing behaviour as a result of ongoing interaction between the person and their environment, the individual is an active participant in the process. What an individual thinks and feels is ignored in this approach, that their experiences are less valid than those that observe them. Social learning theory is based on observations and findings through scientific experiments and gets focused on what should be observed.

Behaviour psychology has patterns that are learnt through reinforcement and punishment. Behaviours are mostly influenced when a person views or understandings of their environment or situations. An individuals behaviour is highly motivated by a desire for positive reinforcements. Human beings are more expected to repeat specific patterns that have given them positive views in the past. This is also a strict scientific process and gets focused on what can be observed.

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The psychoanalytic approach is not so concerned with the public personality such as personality as a function of observed behaviour and is more concerned with private personality, for example, the influences that are hidden not shown motivates our behaviour. Psychoanalytic is all about observation through clinical and therapy situations. Freud’s plan as a structural model personality of the observations from his experiences with patients, and the many adverse forces influencing their behaviour. According to Freud the field of personality is made up of 3 systems Id, ego, superego.

Id is the greatest primary part of the personality that motivates our basic enjoyment seeking drives like hunger, thirst, and sexual desires. It operates merely according to the ethic, that’s to get pleasure and to avoid pain without principled social restraint.
The ego is the practical aspect of a human beings personality. It operates and is allowed from the reality principle that directs the person with observation to what behaviour philosophically or that’s socially relevant in a situation. The ego moves between the id, the expectations of other individuals and the environment, and the demands of the superego.

Superego is conscience of personality. It is convoluted in the person’s appraisals of what kind of behaviour is right and wrong. The value structure of the superego is broadly an internalisation of the society’s moral standards, mostly developed as a reaction to parents teaching. The individual is often constructed by punishment/rewards that are used by parents to their child’s behaviour. The superego is responsible for the emotion of remorse.


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