The social problem I have chosen to discuss is the ever-growing student loan debt in the United States. Student loans are an important issue in today’s society because as college tuition rises students wanting to attain a higher education don’t always have the ability to. In addition, people are looking to attain this so called higher education to stand out and have a sense of achievement but once they are finished they get stuck with crippling debt. I chose this social problem because as a college student aspiring to graduate from a four-year university with a degree I often wonder how I can go about and achieve that. Not only does it affect myself but the hundreds of thousands across the nation going through this very same issue. As well as to be financially informed so that if I do ever need to take out loans I won’t become an easy target to the financial counselors that look hoax students for the school’s gain. By learning more on this topic and how to avoid mistakes that could be crucial, I can better prepare myself, my friend and family, and any future family.


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