The Roman Empire was a strong hold over the Mediterranean for many years. Being the goal of most all world leaders, the Romans wanted land along with their power. They set their eyes on the valuable lands around them and the Mediterranean world as well as parts of Northern Europe and Asia. The Roman civilization and culture were influenced by the Phonetians and Greeks. Later, the Romans were in control of these lands and their people. Three of their prize provinces held at much value to them were Thrace, Macedonia, Greece. These three lands were all located in the same area, providing a throughway to Rome for trade routes from China and the Middle east. One of the key ingredients to the Roman Empire’s success was their army. It was the first paid full-time professional army in the world. The Roman Army conquered many countries, which included England/Wales, Spain, France, Germany, Northern Africa, parts of the Middle East and Greece.
The economy was an important thing in the Roman Empire. Without a strong economy an empire cannot function at its best. Rome was going through a financial crisis in which the government had many debts to pay. Rome had never developed a proper system efficient enough to make money. Many things had to be funded for example the roads that were built, construction and maintenance of its army. taxation caused money to become worthless, therefore separating the poor from the rich. Some members of wealthy class fled to avoid the TAX MAN. Roads and trails were no longer usable, so it became difficult and dangerous to transport goods and supplies to the market. the flow of trade was being disrupted by attacks from outsiders and bandits. Trade was declining as people chose to grow their own goods instead of buying of traders and trading items.


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