In recent years, the right to choose has become a controversial topic in the American feminist movement as well as caused tensions all around the world. The right to choose movement states that each woman has a right to pick what she does with her body in regards to taking birth control or having an abortion. The right to life movement states that the life inside of a person begins at the moment of conception and that stopping the plan that God has for you is not your choice, but a path you are destined to walk down. Many right to life protests demand Americas free health care service Planned Parenthood be shut down. This movement infringes on women’s rights to hold themselves to their own decisions as well as choose what is well for their body since each woman is given her right by the united states government. Important documents such as the Declaration of Sentiments insures these rights and fought for our legal representation in the court systems and government.         The topic of birth control is more overall accepted normality in society. Most teenage girls visit a clinic to get birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies with the consent from their parents. The most popular place people visit is the government funded clinic Planned Parenthood that offers free birth control as well as other types of help that some families insurances do not cover. Some feminist groups argue that birth control should be more accessible to families where religious or parental views conflict with the use of birth control by providing it over the counter for anyone to choose to use. This would cause unwanted pregnancies to decline as well as abortions in the United States. Our country has become one of the last countries to not supply birth control over the counter and I find that unconstitutional due to the fact that it is my body and i should have control over what I can put it in it as well as everyone having equal opportunities to have a better well being.         Another service Planned Parenthood offers is the act of aborting a fetus in clinic. This operation has become one of the most split difference in the feminist community. One side says that a woman has a right to do as she pleases with her body and do what she can that betters herself and the future of the fetus and the other sides argues that the minute a baby is conceived it is now a life form and has its own rights and it cannot choose for itself. Biologically, a fetus cannot feel pain until around the third trimester and most of the time it does not even have a heartbeat yet. It is every woman’s civil right to do as they please with their body just as it is with every man to choose weather or not to get a vasectomy or not. To take away the choice as a whole takes away the freedom offered to us after we fought long to get granted representation in court to make laws such as these.


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