The researcher intends to use pragmatism of the philosophical point which allows the researcher to look at the topic from two different points for example the social or influence actors. “This is normally used to find solutions to problems as it links the choice of approach directly to the purpose of and the nature of the research questions”(source). The pragmatism gives off permission for one to study areas they are interested in which embrace methods with findings together with a value system that the researcher holds. Some of the advantages of pragmatism is that one can be able to merge more than one research approaches and strategies that are within the same research study. The researcher can use any multiple research methods choice that fits in with the study and in this case i chose Qualitative since its a research based on developing ideas.
When it comes to the approach type the researcher chose deductive which was appropriate with the type of research being carried out.Deductive states that with a statement,question or having your set research is set to answer it. With deductive we see that it is less time consuming unlike the inductive approach moreover it allows and gives more time for practice and then the application. “The thought process of deduction moves from theory to the research question, to data collection, findings to a rejection or confirmation of the research question”(Creswell 2003).

Under the choices I will use qualitative research design that is under the mono qualitative method (Bryman 2006). I chose Mono method because am carrying out a primary study with the use of qualitative study. Where I will investigate on who the employees out in the market are, are the personnel out in the pool market from any hospitality schools or have no background on hospitality education and also look at the level of education(diploma or certificate) to basically know where they stand if they have educational background. Doing a qualitative research really helps with developing ideas and finding insights to the problem and the type of data collection method used can vary from semi-structured to unstructured. One could carry out the research within a small sample size like in this case where the researcher choose two different hotel to investigate. Furthermore with the quantitative it is generally used in gathering numerical data or statistics but for the qualitative which i will be using is more on the understanding and developing ideas into the type of problem research. The data collected through the participants will be inform of questionnaires which will be conducted online.

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With the use of strategies I will review strategies that the human resources could use when coming to recruitment selection that would help the candidates in the market, like training your interviewers on the latest interview techniques moreover nature your certain talent pool with drip emails or using niche job boards. Under the research strategies I focus on survey strategy as this is commonly used in business and management research that are later used for describing or to explain the research. To help me gather my information for my research study I choose to use questionnaires as they help standardize data that is on from a considerable population. (Saunders et al., 2010) get some more information from literature review*

Time horizons is basically choosing a particular time framework one wishes to design their research and work with (Saunders et al., 2010). I chose to focus on the cross sectional type of time horizon which consists of questionnaires that I will use to assess my study topic at a particular time. It will help me identify the relationship between the two variables and choosing online questionnaires this will help me reduce the workload of carrying out my research in terms of costs as using the internet is more accessible and saving the use of paper. The research is being done at this particular time since it part of an academic program which has a certain limit where one has to work for then submit it. Some of the advantages are that it is quick, cheap and easy to perform unlike the longitudinal which is done over a long period of time. This is under the techniques and procedures that I will use to carry out my research. I choose to use simple random sampling and by using sampling I will look at different types of employee recruitment methods used by both local and international hotels in Nairobi to see if the problem is with the employees they get or the type of criteria methods they follow. Whereas to analyse if the problem is with the employees who are unskilled or the problem comes from
the hotel market that has set very high standards that finds most personnel unskilled and not professional hence the rise of unemployment.

Data collection

Data collection in this study will basically be the gathering of information from the primary data sources which means data that is collected first hand by the researcher for a particular point of understanding(, 2018). The advantage of this would be that the data gathered will not be biased and specified since the researcher has direct contact of the particular object. The researcher chooses to investigate on the different recruitment and selection types of the two different hotels.

Secondary data collection

With using secondary data it helps to save money and time and in this study recruitment strategies and processes and other linkages in between have been researched moreover the theoretical framework was created based on previous done research on recruitment and selection. Some of the secondary sources are books,articles, academic journals and some reports which helped gather the literature review and can be found on UoD library,Emerald insight and google scholar.

Primary collection
“Primary data is always collected first hand by the researcher for the specific purpose of understanding” (veal 1997). Since the data collected is specific it is often unbiased and unambiguous.

Sampling methods depends on the type of data the researcher needs which could be qualitative or quantitative and with the method of evaluation that are interviews,surveys,focus groups. The aim of carrying out sampling is to be able to collect effective and puntual findings (Denscombe,2014).
The researcher will be using random sampling which means that no individual judgment will take place in this selection of sampling as everyone stands an equal chance in this selected type of sampling hence having more reliable results.

My survey will cover on the recruitment and selection department employees that are under the human resources department. The employees targeted both work at a five star ranking hotel however some will be from the international brand and others will be from the local hotel brand.
I will be using two to three employees from the two hotels to answer on the background and challenges faced when recruiting the skilled personnel they choose to targeted. I choose to not focus on any specifications like gender or age as getting general feedback from any employee under the recruiting and selection is my main priority from both organizations. I chose to use the two hotels that i have had the pleasure of being a trainee and with that opportunity i had contacts of the Human resource managers who i contacted and were able to agree to be involved in my research. To be able to achieve the objectives online questionnaires were used of which were semi structured but opened ended questions and they fall under the qualitative research. The researcher will be using emails to be able to communicate to the participants and the HR managers to able to certain responses.

Finally you need to include a section on how you will analyse the information once you have gathered it.

Ethical issues

The ethical concerns have to be some part of the fundamental design of a proposed research or any research project and this is to ensure that the researcher does not breach any published ethical principles. The researcher is taking all considerations above all the ethical responsibilities to conduct the research study. I understand the importance of this research and certainly the purpose which is to increase the people’s knowledge and contribution to the research which also give recommendations that are bias free.

How and why the ethical issues are observed ?

Ethical considerations are observed so as to help the public support the researcher by understanding the ethical norms which elaborate on the requirements and what the study entails.How are the ethical issues observed, one the researcher chose to use a consent letter to inform all the participants on the research study to be carried out and uses this letter as an agreement that highlights the requirements from each one them . Secondly i chose to keep their identifications confidential by having anonymous questionnaires, giving the participants a way of being comfortable while answering the questions enabling them to be open and honest. I will not go against my participants and publish or inform anyone/people on the results given out, however through debriefing i will inform and share with all the participants on the information and results gathered after research has been carried out.This is for any of the participants who are interested on the study done and this will be issued to them through a letter.Withdrawal from the investigation is allowed at anytime and without any charges although the participant has to write to the researcher stating why they choose to withdraw and should done at least 10 days before the due date for the questionnaires. As for the data protection i chose to keep the data collected with me for any future references/purposes and this study will be kept safe and secure. The main reason as to why i chose to use online questionnaires was in order to eliminate the use of paper so as to be more sustainable but also assist on the aspect of reliability and being time consuming.


The research was done in switzerland however the data need was collected from Nairobi,Kenya. With this it had a great barrier was created since the primary data had to be carried online due to the geographical distance. The methods used to collect data was through online questionnaires although some of the hotels reached out had a policy where they could not be used as a case study or even provide personal information of the organization to the public however the same hotels had referrals which were used to gather the data.

Validity can be defined as the measurement of whether the objectives of the study have been fulfilled(Golafshani, N. 2003). In this case the researcher asked the specified tutor on the questionnaires to ensure validity before handing them to the participants.


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