The quest for human rights has stimulated revolutions. According to Lee (2010), the concept of human rights has been the primary topic of debates and discussions since the Renaissance period. In an ideal and picture-perfect world, individuals would be equivalent in rights, and opportunities, notwithstanding their race or gender. However, in the world people live in, discrimination in the working environment proceeds inside society against gender, races, religion, and age. Because of the infringement of human rights, discrimination in the workplace is a prevalent problem in the business world today. Discrimination typically happens when movements of a worker, manager, or collaborators “deny the correspondence of treatment to the employee which they may wish.” (Allport 1954:54). Gathering the authoritative foundations of such encounters; the objective considers obvious ramifications for sociological points of view on the association of work, approach interventions encompassing equity and conflict, and workers’ well-being.
What one must realize that discrimination can come in numerous structures and influence anybody inside a business. The encroachment of fundamental rights in the workplace should not be condoned by eliminating gender and racial discrimination, impeding lewd behavior, and reducing the contention with the ethical norms of sweatshops.
One kind of gender discrimination is called glass ceiling. It alludes to the imperceptible hindrances that keep women from obtaining a more prominent position in an administration because these positions are given to men. It is a typical discernment that men acquire more promotions, given complex tasks and assignments and possesses access to top pioneers than women do. The hindrances women confront with respect to men wind up as they move up the hierarchy (Baxter and Wright, 2000). Researchers have given proof that it is more laborious for women than for men to be promoted inside the working environment. Adams and Funk’s (2012) study designates women who seek after authority positions might be fundamentally the same as men. Additionally, it is also suggested that women in a dominant men environment can adapt the men’s conduct and behavior. Notwithstanding it is this sort of generalizations that frame the premise of gender segregation at work; action must take place to hinder it from happening. But despite the numerous laws to gender discrimination, enterprises still support the headway of men. In addition, Light, Roscigno, and Kalev (2011), highlight that the blacks continue to observe a range of discriminatory actions, like avoiding them or teasing them in light of the shade of their skin. The designation of work must be led based on a person’s capacities and character, regardless of their color, or whether they are male or female. The firm should find a way to forestall discrimination in the working environment, and empower unity with one another. At the point when a business does not find a way to prevent discrimination in the working environment, the atmosphere in the organization can be uncomfortable and the management could be liable for a discrimination lawsuit.
Furthermore, a rampant illegal and unethical practice that oppresses the rights of workers is sexual harassment. It is defined as the inappropriate sexual advances, whether physical or verbal, to an employee. Based on a study done by (Sandroff, 1992), sexual harassment training programs have been conducted by 81% of the Fortune 500 companies in order to prevent harassment in the workplace. Additionally, employees are provided with coherent instructions on the methods to report sexual harassment. They are ensured that confidentiality and formal investigation will take place. Once the investigation is done, pertinent action will be enforced. Similarly, according to an article by (Schultz, 2003), one solution to prevent sexual harassment is to separate the sexes if the presence of sex is the problem. Additionally, the author suggested that in order to systematically process and investigate individual complaints, companies must set up proper machinery to address the issue. On the other hand, a disadvantage of conducting training programs is are the cost, qualifications, time requirements, and control of the training. Also, one cannot ensure the compliance of workers with the rules and regulations. Thus, companies must ensure they would allow sufficient budget and time for the training as well as to hire qualified trainers. In addition, supervisors must terminate those who fail to abide by the policy and ensure that strict rules shall be enforced to eliminate sexual harassment. Companies must ensure the policy is clearly stated in the company’s Code of Ethics.
As stated by the US Department of Labor, a sweatshop is an industrial facility that breaks at least two labor laws. The most widely recognized comprehension of exploitation interprets sweatshops as taking uncalled for a favorable position of laborers. It is also often regarded as synonymous with unfairness (Pimentel, 2003). In general, sweatshops can be depicted as a work environment where workers experience an extreme cycle of exploitation because they are usually paid less. Synder (2010), stated that this work is related to compensation that falls underneath a living wage standard and incorporates long working hours. Furthermore, since women make up a hefty percentage of sweatshop employee, some managers obligate them to take contraception and routine pregnancy tests to abstain from supporting maternity leave or giving them proper medical advantages. In contrast, Sweatshop offer some great focal points they yield that sweatshop abuses are indefensible, however, they believe the advantages outweigh the mischief in the local and international economy. Miller (2003), demonstrated the advantages of sweatshops in his journal article. In a way, sweatshops are in a favorable position since they subsidize the cost of products low. As indicated by this perspective, sweatshops are a piece of the industrialization procedure and are an unavoidable by-product of economic advancement. It may not be the best favorable position, but sometimes, something is better than nothing.


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