The pressures of getting an education can be very stressful. Trying to consistently maintain good grades, please your parents, and in the meantime, try to hang out with your friends, can become very overwhelming. The Super Suicide Society from A Separate Peace and Dead Poets Society from The Dead Poets Society were basically formed with the purpose to make their schooling less stressful. These two secret societies created a way out of their schooling pressures. In a Separate Peace, Finny never did well in school, therefore he established the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. In A Dead Poets Society, all the kids in the private school were expected to exceed in school by their parents. These two societies also helped the members of either society to face and conquer their certain fears. In the Dead Poets Society, the kids were able to conquer their fear of breaking school rules, and of upsetting their parents. For example, Neil Perry, from The Dead Poets Society, wants to find a way to rebel against from the path his father has paved for him.


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