The presence of restaurants around the world. Product diversification. The company dominates the international and domestic markets. The company has many its business premises and does not pay high rent. The company is continually looking for new ways to improve products to meet the needs of customers. The company has rigorous standards and rules, especially cooking and staff. The company even has its bible. Customers can get information about the composition of any product. Also, they can ask to cook a product without any ingredient, even though this is a fast food company. Also, the company has excellent economies of scale. Most restaurants operate through franchising, which has a good effect on profits. Rapid innovation. The company takes part in charity, as well as has its university.
• 4.2 Weaknesses
• The company has high prices for fast food when comparing to similar fast food restaurants due to commodity prices changing constantly around world and the fact that it uses higher quality ingredients. It leads to constant competition and a decrease in company profits. Also, the restaurant is aimed more at children. They need to focus on adults.
• 4. 3 Opportunities
• The company has many opportunities to adapt to cultural changes in different countries. Besides, the company has the opportunity to introduce new innovative products to increase sales and increase attractiveness. The company now has the opportunity to switch to the use of alternative sources of energy for causing less harm to the environment. Also, the company has the opportunity to invent new themed products, for example, for the New Year, Halloween, Christmas, so that children want to go to the restaurant as soon as possible and buy another Happy Meal with a toy. Besides, the company can open excellent restaurants, where they will cook not only all the famous basic dishes. The company can also launch mobile orders, like Starbucks, so that people who are in a hurry can immediately come to a restaurant and pick up an order.
• 4.4 Threats
• A critical threat to the company is the presence of new competitors, which is increasing every year. These new restaurants are pricing cheaper than McDonald’s, and this can affect profits. Also, the important thing is that the company has already sued more than once because people had problems with health because of regular fast food consumption. The company has a very high investment in marketing activities, and this is a huge threat because it reduces net profit.


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