The position that Zipcar has based on benefits is a powerful method to provide a crucial necessity of its customers, which in this case is convenience. Zipcar´s service rental is greatly beneficial for those individuals who are living in crowded cities, and require a convenient method of driving a car without essentially owning one. Furthermore, with Zipcar´s service idea, positioning based on beliefs and values features the concept of car-sharing. This car service places itself to clients who have in common the same belief about convenience.
Which is stronger?
In my opinion, positioning based on beliefs and values is stronger because although a product or service may include many benefits, the belief of a customer towards a specific product is what makes the product or service beneficial and profitable. If a product or service calls the attention of a client because it accompanies their values and beliefs, then, a company is able to strengthen those beliefs and values to expand the advantages and profits of the product or service.
4. Do you think the acquisition of Zipcar by Avis will be positive or negative for Zipcar?
There are many different views of this acquisition, but personally, I think that Zipcar will not be the same once Avis buys it. I suppose so because Zipcar has its own and unique beliefs and values, and marketing technique, which developed into a great car service rental company. However, once Avis buys this company, they will start making changes and adjustments. Also, they will start using different techniques as to how they manage the car services and marketing strategies. Therefore, I believe that Avis should be very open as to how Zipcar already works and try to maintain their marketing and service strategies, because they have been greatly profitable.


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