The movie “For Greater Glory” shows the anti-Catholic provisions of the 1917 Constitution of Mexico also known as the Calles Law.
In late 1920s, Mexico fought a war over the freedom of the Roman Catholics to worship God. Cristero War or Cristero Rebellion started when newly elected Mexican president Plutarco Elías Calles begins a violent crackdown against the country’s Catholic faith. The movie depicts the catastrophic history of Mexico by showing churches being set on fire, Catholic priests being murdered and countless ignorant people was killed and having their bodies hanged on poles as a warning to others.
A boy named Jose witnessed the killing of Federales to Father Christopher, a catholic priest. Driven by his anger, he joined the supporters of the Catholic Church known as Cristeros fighting against Calles. Jose became the protégé of retired rebel leader, Gen. Enrique Gorostieta who began a campaign against federal troops and had surprising success after he led the Cristeros. Jose was captured and tortured to force him renounce his faith in God. Eventually, he was executed because he purposely defends his faith. The following year, Gorostieta, was killed after becoming a Catholic. However, in 1929, agreements were made to bring back religious freedoms.


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