The mission statement at Crowne Plaza Canberra is to influence a diverse workforce therefore by building leadership effectiveness. By this statement we at Crowne Plaza make sure that all the employees are doing respective tasks efficiently. We always strive in order to provide unique and enjoyable experiences for guests and staff at all times. The focus here is on authentic hospitality, innovation and providing a rewarding experience to guests and also the sub-ordinates which therefore leads to superior results.
The management here acquires diversity by offering a diverse as well as a committed workforce. Here we treat other colleagues with respect as well as dignity, we therefore effectively listen to other colleagues’ viewpoints, thoughts and opinions. The main focus here is to become better by representing women, minorities, and people with disabilities by different number of practices that are being followed within the organisation.
At Crowne Plaza Canberra “Diversity” is therefore considered to be at the core of their mission statement, vision statement and their core values. Crowne Plaza has therefore created an environment which endorses different culture, different backgrounds and different opinions. In this hotel diversity is promoted through variety of frameworks which consists of culture, talent in order to support diversity and to create a competitive business.
Crowne Plaza doesn’t accept discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, gender, ethnicity, marital status etc. The workplace here completely endorses the local communities in which the hotel operates. Crowne Plaza focuses on making sure that in order to promote diversity female colleagues are taking part in leadership development and mentoring programmes. Women are expanding their productivity by suggesting about the direction of their position in this organisation as it eventually drives teams to be more productive. Such an organisation makes sure that they are taking necessary steps to empower women to ensure they can work cohesively with male counterparts for the most beneficial outcome for the company. They are providing opportunities to women in order to achieve their goals. An example can be seen where the chief executive officer of Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts has joined other hotel executive officers to make sure that 30% of the senior leadership position are being taken by females by the end of 2020.


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