The Middle Ages music was Monophonic and it was the only type of of music allowed. For that reason they kept the Melodies clear and simple.Then when it was the Renaissance time (1400-1600) the people of the courts had more say in it which let them use more instruments. So another way that the Re?naissance music had a different influence than the Middle Ages, was that there was music that was not for praising God. They had the music for the church but they also had music for pleasure at home, or like the book says to celebrate human experiences. They had court musicians that were used for entertaining guests and they just performed for important functions and events. So there was a distinction between professionals that were paid than the amateurs that were not paid at all. The new music also had a new and different path to harmony and that is why it sounds different than Medieval music.Also, the composers had more freedom to experiment and use there imagination. Although Medieval Ages music and Renaissance music are different from one another Renaissance was a development of the middle ages music.


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