Today, the corporate culture has a significant impact on the formation
of firm’s internal “personality”. Recognizing the importance of corporate
culture’s role, companies develop it to improve the way in which firm will be
performed over time. Also it may serve as an indicator of companies’ ability to
survive in the competitive arena through stating unique goals, ideas,
relationships between staff, ethical norms and so on. Co-founder of Pardot,
David Cummings, says: “Corporate
culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within
the control of the entrepreneur. Develop a strong corporate culture first and
foremost” (YouTube, 2011). Acer Inc. also pays attention on creating its own
corporate culture with emphasizing its importance. Some companies base their
corporate culture on proposed by Goffee and Jones model (1998), who separated
it into 4 types:

Networked Culture (e.g. friendship,
trust, loyalty);

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Fragmented Culture (e.g. flexibility,
autonomy, equality);

Communal Culture (e.g. high energy,
teamwork,  high performance);

Mercenary Culture (e.g. passion, sense
of purpose, energy).

However, corporate culture of
Acer Inc. does not belong to any of them, or it belongs partly taking some
elements of these 4 types. Within its core values (described in Section 3),
Acer Inc. looks for ways of how to positively influence company’s internal

Passion, as part of the corporate
culture, strongly connected with Acer’s mission statement. The former CEO and
Chairman Wang (20..) stated that they had discovered a potential side of innovation
indicated by “by bridging a gap between technology and people” and that passion
for innovation was shared between teammates. So being passionate has a
potential influence on achieving company’s goals. Furthermore, passion refers
to supporting people with a big care for them. For example, to support
children, Acer Inc. has been sponsoring different educational centers to care
for young generation and prepare them for future life (YouTube, 2017).  Jerouszel Bermudez, a girl from the poor
family, had not even expected to study at college due to poor standard of
living. Owing to Acer Inc., she was fully able to finish her education at
college. She said: “I want to sponsor other children just like my sponsors did
to me” (YouTube, 2017). This is a strong way of influencing on people by
motivating them and, therefore, changing the world.

it comes to user-centric core value


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