Servant leader behave
politely and care the other people. His polite and ethical behavior benefits
the organization. In case of absence or overload of work the servant leader
support and motivate their employees and co-worker for the successful work completion
and then appreciate their work. Along with other aspects, leader performs a
important role in satisfying their employees and co-workers. When employees
will satisfy for their job they can perform outstanding. Employee’s
satisfaction level with their work environment can be evaluated by their
performance. Satisfaction of employees can enhance their performance
level. Servant leader create work environment, empowered them and enable their
followers to go over and above that benefit the both individuals and
organization. Servant leadership behavior has positive impact on job
satisfaction. A very valid point “People go to work for a
great company but quit due to bad supervision.( Shehzadi, Sandhu,2017)

 Job performance
relies on the good supervision. When the co-worker feel satisfaction with their
leaders then it may demonstrate a positive attitude and it lead to employees
performance. Campbell (1990) affirms that job performance and job satisfaction
are the effective outcomes of effective leadership.  On these above mentioned arguments it is
argued that servant leadership will play an important role to increase the
employees job performance and subsequent their satisfaction level at work
setting. According to Armstrong (2006) argued that job satisfaction is the
basically employee job satisfaction. Employee job satisfies with work and
achieving the organization goals. Employee job satisfies happy with works and
outcomes. Employee satisfies with their team workers and better results. Employee
Satisfaction mind set of values and understand the work. According to Kernodle
TA (2007) argued that organization citizenship behavior self introduced employees
for organization success. Organization citizenship behavior employees help teams,
coworkers and voluntary work to others. According to Carl Hose (2017) job
performance is an important for organization out come and success. Employee job
performance is analyzed employee perform work time management, organizational
skills and productivity. (Shehzadi, Sandhu, Gishkori 2017)

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According to Hill PL, Roberts BW
(2012), (Vondey 2012) suggested to explore the moderating effects of narcissism
between Servant leadership and Job Satisfaction, organization citizenship
behavior and job performance. Narcissism is discussed here with context to the
followers. It demonstrates that personality disorder selfishness, self-focus
and self importance behavior displayed by an individual or groups of co-workers.
Narcissism is that person self love, self Promotion and self importance and lack
of understanding other feelings. So, in this research work it is manifested
that narcissism will moderate the relationship between servant leadership and
job outcomes such as (employee job performance, OCB and job satisfaction). Under
the light of above mentioned arguments and call for the further research it is
identified, in this research work that effective servant leadership can play a
pivotal role to enhance the job satisfaction, organization citizenship
behavior, job performance of the employees in the serving organization. The
purpose of this study improved the job performance, job satisfaction and
organization citizenship behavior. Researches it can be explained in this study
there is positive relationship between servant leadership and job satisfaction,
OCB and job performance. There is negative relationship between servant
leadership and narcissism. (Shehzadi et all 2017)


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