is a system of social and political organization in which all property is owned
in common, and everyone can take as much as they need, but in return must work
as hard as possible.” That is the definition of communism, and it sounds quite
nice. However whenever it has been input, it has ruined many lives of all
involved workers and citizens. The image shown previously doesn’t have a
specific name, but it is an iconic image of the Chinese civil war. It displays
two of the many women who were protesting against the communist political party
on April 12th 1927.


begin with, I chose this image because it represents what civilians had to see
everyday. To make the parallel with Animal
Farm, they animals couldn’t bear watching their fellow comrades getting
executed right in front of them. It’s horrible to see two innocent women lying
on the ground, dead. People are walking around them with not much to do. They
know if they intervene, they could get killed as well. So, just like in the
book, the majority of the crowd pretends it didn’t happen and continue with
their life. This is why I chose this picture. It shows the reality of going
against the authority. It’s unpleasant to see but I honestly think the whole
world should know that these kinds of events still occur today and we barely
talk about it.

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this image is really popular because it’s one of the rare images that showed
the results of fights between Communists and Nationalists in the Chinese
district of Canton. China still is a communist country, which means that the
media is controlled. The president doesn’t want his people to know and see this
cruel side of theirs. This is why this image sent ripples throughout the entire
world when it came out, especially in China. Seeing that people were walking
around them like it’s no big deal, proved that they see this everyday and it
was normal for them. The sheer sadness in this image made the rest of the word feel


when I first saw this picture, I felt really bad. No one feels good seeing
people who died just because they wanted to make a change, just because they
wanted to live a better life and just because they wanted to let everyone know
their opinion. This image made me think about what’s going on in the world
today. In that picture, there are people walking around them, continuing to
live their life and just hoping that things would miraculously get better. Not
a lot of people want to risk their life to help those corpses and their families.
Even today this kind of things are happening in the world. Humans in other
countries are going through similar misery and dying at the end. We barely talk
about them and we want to believe that things changed and people don’t get
killed because they stated their opinions but that’s not quite true.


this picture is an unforgettable part of our history. It displays how
rebellions can affect civilians and shows us the harsh truth without any
filter. People all around the world were petrified when they saw this, notably
the Chinese community. In today’s world, things like this are still happening
and we need to take action and we need to keep on fighting until no one dies as
a result of sharing their opinion.






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