The group was asked to select a scene from Mother Courage (Brecht, 1980, – ) and a Raisin in the Sun (Hansberry ,1959 , – ) and lead the class in the discussion of the scene and the dramatic style as well as reflect an understanding of key concepts proposed by the readings and build on those, with additional researched materials. The group’s initial response to the set task was positive as it stimulated a discussion, leading to a deeper exploration of both playwrights as well as the plays. The choice of picking one play was an easy one, as the group much preferred Mother Courage to a Raisin in the Sun due to as the group was far more intrigued by the integral themes throughout the play, such as the war.

Personal Contribution
The context which the group drew upon was distributed and researched evenly. My main focus was the setting of the play, including the historical allegories and the playwright – Bertolt Brecht.
Before we begin our analysis, it is important to give you an overview so everyone has a primary understanding of the play and the author. Mother Courage was first produced in Switzerland in 1941, it was later directed by Brecht in Berlin in 1949 with his second wife Helene Weigel playing the title role. The play represented Brecht’s response to Hitlers invasion of Poland in 1939 – other works by Bertolt Brecht such as the Caucasian Circle and ” hold major political messages, a fundamental example of Brecht’s style. Many critics believe MC to be the master work of Brecht’s concept of Epic Theatre, due to its strong political messages.

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