The greatest achievements in life are usually the hardest to succeed in and also the most fulfilling when achieved. Every year my school hosts a charity month were students try to raise money for a particular charity. Last year’s charity month was on Education and it is a cause that is really close to my heart. Basically we were raising money to supply underprivileged children with school supplies like textbooks, stationeries and book bags. We had a few guidelines we had to follow to make it challenging and also fun.
First we had to be a group of six, we couldn’t take any handouts especially from our parents because we had to earn every single penny ourselves. The difficult part was ways we could raise money rapidly, but luckily we had no particular amount we had to raise but we were also determined to raise as much as possible. After hours of brainstorming we decided to do a pastry stand at school and favourably we all attended a beginner’s pastry class during the summer break so it was something we could all do together as a team. The plan was after school and homework we would make as much pastries we could. We did that for two weeks and it wasn’t as profitable as we thought it would be. So we decided to change our direction a bit, so from Monday to Friday we were working on the pastry stand and on Saturday and Sunday we did odd jobs like a Carwash service, Gardening for neighbours and Babysitting. The extra work we put in during the weekends really made a huge difference toward achieving our goal. We worked tirelessly no matter how stressful or how much we wanted to give up but we pushed through it and at the end we achieved our set on goal.

This charity that me and my team worked on is truly one of the many things I’m proud I accomplished and it also really taught me how team work is key in difficult situations. It was really worth it when I saw how happy the children were and how all my hard work made a lot of children happy and that is my greatest achievement.

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