The foundation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 2002 was seen by numerous as diversion changing in its test to control legislative issues and state power. Human Rights Watch (2002) called the ICC: ‘possibly the most essential human rights establishment made in 50 years. It will be where the Saddams, Pol Pots and Pinochet’s without bounds are considered responsible’. The Court was planned to end exemption for the last time through its dismissal of the precept of Head of State Immunity and to have relatively all inclusive purview through the forces stood to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to elude circumstances which the Court did not as of now have arrangement based ward over. Through the ICC, human rights were to be ensured more forcefully and more reliably than any time in recent memory. Be that as it may, the Court is blamed for having bombed in its first decade of activity to beat the difficulties of working in a situation of incredible power legislative issues, and pundits of the Court are ending up progressively vociferous. As opposed to maintaining human rights for all, the Court has just arraigned Africans. It has demonstrated toothless notwithstanding the absolute most shocking human rights infringement lately – in Sri Lanka, Syria, Yemen et cetera. What’s more, there is no proof that the ICC is going about as a general obstruction to mass human rights abuses.1 The United Nations Secretary General (Ban 2016, refering to Melander 2015) has recognized that ‘in 2014 the quantity of passings caused by equipped clash and abomination wrongdoings surpassed 100,000 — its most elevated amount since 1994 — driven in vast measure by the expanded focusing of regular citizens’. The circumstance at the ICC achieved emergency point with the withdrawal from the Rome Statute of South Africa, Burundi and the Gambia in October 2016, contrary to the endeavors by the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) to arraign heads of state in Sudan and Kenya. The Court is confronting a power reaction among a few areas of the Global South and a significant number of the states which it depended upon to guarantee its power have neglected to help the Court ideologically or physically in its most difficult circumstances.


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