The following risks, threats, and vulnerabilities were found in a healthcare IT infrastructure servicing patients with life-threatening situations. Given the list, select which of the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure is primarily impacted by the risk, threat, or vulnerability.
Risk – Threat – Vulnerability Primary Domain Impacted
Unauthorized access from pubic Internet Remote Access Domain
User destroys data in application and deletes
all files System/Application Domain
Hacker penetrates your IT infrastructure
and gains access to your internal network LAN-to-WAN Domain
Intra-office employee romance gone bad User Domain
Fire destroys primary data center System/Application Domain
Communication circuit outages WAN Domain
Workstation OS has a known software vulnerability Workstation Domain
Unauthorized access to organization owned Workstations Workstation Domain
Loss of production data System/Application Domain
Denial of service attack on organization e-mail
Server LAN-to-WAN Domain
Remote communications from home office Remote Access Domain
LAN server OS has a known software vulnerability LAN Domain
User downloads an unknown e –mail
Attachment User Domain
Workstation browser has software vulnerability Workstation Domain
Service provider has a major network outage WAN Domain
Weak ingress/egress traffic filtering degrades performance LAN-to-WAN Domain
User inserts CDs and USB hard drives
with personal photos, music, and videos on
organization owned computers User Domain
VPN tunneling between remote computer
and ingress/egress router LAN-to-WAN Domain
WLAN access points are needed for LAN connectivity within a warehouse LAN Domain
Need to prevent rogue users from unauthorized WLAN access LAN Domain


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