The Effect of Graphic Organizers Strategy on Reading Comprehension of Students with Difference Learning Styles
Mihdar Amar
University of Islam Malang
Email address: [email protected]

This research is conducted to investigate the effect of graphic organizers strategy on students with different learning styles of reading comprehension. Graphic organizers refers to strategies to generate ideas of the form of recount texts and narrative texts containing word or phrases which can answer WH questions like who, what, when, where, why, how and determine the topic of the whole text, topic of each paragraph, main idea of whole text, certain information, inference, reference, and vocabulary skill. This research aims to examine whether There is any significant difference in the reading comprehension between student use graphic organizer strategies KWL and Mind Mapping. Whether there is any significant difference in the reading comprehension among the students with visual and auditory learning styles. Whether there is any significant difference in the reading comprehension among the students with visual and auditory learning styles use graphic organizer KWL and Mind Mapping. Whether there is interaction between the use graphic organizer strategies KWL and Mind Mapping and students’ learning styles in reading comprehension.
This research employed quasi-experimental research. The population was the students of the eleventh grade of SMK 02 Muhammadiyah Malang in academic 2018/2019. There 2 classes. The subject involved in the research were ICE 11 A consisting of 25 students taught using Mind Mapping as the experimental group A and ICE 11 B consisting of 25 students as the experimental group B.
The data collection involved intrument. The istrument used in the form of questionnaire to get the data of students’ learning styles (auditory and visual). And the reading comprehension test to get the data of students reading comprehension. The data were analyzed by using SPSS 16. The result of computation shows that the mean score of the experimental group A was 67.77 and experimental group B is 59.99.
In analyzing the data collected, this research employed analysis of variance (ANOVA) in this case using two-way ANOVA. The p-value (Sig.) is lower than the level of significance ?=.05 (.018.05) it can be concluded that the result of the analysis is accepted the null hypothesis (H04) and rejected the alternative hypothesis (HI4). It means that there is no interaction between students taught using mind mapping and KWL technique and students’ learning styles in reading comprehension.
On the contrary, by eliminating the consideration of the use graphic organizer of visual learners got better than auditory learners. The mean score of visual group 78.192 and auditory learner were 66.673 with P value (sig.) .078 which is lower than .05. It means that students’ learning styles give different impact on reading achievement. Furthermore, by eliminating the consideration of students’ learning styles, the Mind Mapping gets better score than KWL group was 77.09. P value (sig.) .078 which is lower than .05. it means that Mind Mapping strategy increase students’ reading achievement if compared with KWL strategy. The result of this research showed that althought there were different scores between two group, but there is no intraction between the Mind Mapping strategy and students’ learning style on reading with the P value (sig.) .364 which is higher than .05. the finding of this research revealed that graphic organizer does not have anything to do with learning styles.
The improvement on the posttest score of the experimental group was affected by saveral reasons. Firstly, the implementation of graphic organizer strategy helped students have comprehensible input general language competence from reading material. Secondly, the graphic organizer help students grow their vocabularies by finding the new words in the text. Third, by using graphic organizers Mind Mapping and KWL activity, the students developed their language and literacy skills that are useful for comprehending the text appropriately. The implementation of mind mapping strategy prevented students’ boredom as as they never felt before because the students did the interesting activity. Therefore, the mind mapping is more effective than KWL strategy in improving students’ reading comprehension achievement.
This research indicated the effectiveness of graphic organizers strategy on students’ reading comprehension which consistent with the result of saveral earlier study. Attempt were made to meet the methodological procedures in this present study. However, this research has limitation for this research. Some limitation of this research is presented. Firstly, the way the researcher classified the students based on their learning style on reading need to be developed futher. For the future, investigation, it would be appropriate to add the items of the questionnaire in order to make specific on the learning style so that the students response the questionnaire could definitely represent the students’ learning style toward reading. Moreover, the absence of the interaction between the graphic organizers and students learning style may cause lack of quality of the learning style reading questionnaire. There is possibilitiy that the improvement of reading learning style questionnaire will lead to the improvement of the classification of students’ reading learning style questionnaire. Thus, there may be probabilities that the different classification of the students learning style questionnaire will result in different interaction with the teaching technique used to teach the students.
Secondly, the guidance in the reading log to record students’ activity in graphic organizers startegy needs to be improved, the researcher hope for future study types of graphic organizer to be added. The main attention of the researcher is how to train students to build their reading habits. For future studies should emphasize on broader areas in the terms of follow up strategy. The diffusion possibily occoured when participants in the experimental group A and B are communicated information about the treatment of subjects. For the next research, diffusion can be controlled by deem phasing the fact that an experimental is going on involving differences between group.

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