The Donation of Constantine (c.750-800)
The Donation of Constantine is a forged fourth century Latin imperial degree used to transfer over part of the Roman empire to the pope. The document has been associated back to Pippin and Charlemagne, as well Papal in efforts to gain independence from the Byzantine Empire for the church of Rome (the pope). From class we learned from yourself (Mr. Riley), that the document was written and forged by someone in the Lateran in Rome. This was later found after the land was given over to the church of Rome that it was a forged document by Lorenz Valla during the 1300’s. This document is considered the most famous forgery in history. Valla was able to show why this was forged due to the fact that the way it was written in Latin that the document was written years prior due to the tone and style of language used (words change over time).
This document was created shortly after the middle of the eight century with order to help benefit Pope Stephan II policy of the Roman Catholic Church with negotiation with the Franken Mayor of the palace, Pepin the Short.


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