The history of Afghanistan has been created to design members of an ethnic group that is called Pashtuns, making the Afghanistan people there multicultural and multiethnic. The Afghanistan state was created by a growth of political people of the Pashtun tribe during the middle of the eighteenth century, however, was not unified till the end of the nineteenth century. Since then the Persian-speaking population has been incorporated into the states.Afghanistan is landlocked in the Asian country, boarded by Pakistan, Iran, and China. They have highlands and peripheral foothills, and they have lots of plains. The climate of the country is continental arid. For example, summer there are dry and hot, winters are very cold with a lot of heavy snowfall up in the highlands. The precipitation is low, however some areas that in the east are affected by the monsoon. As the eighteenth century is coming to an end, Kabul became the capital of Afghanistan.The state of Afghanistan never really had a strong unified national culture, which has the war has led this to further fragmentation. Afghanistan tried to avoid the fragmentation through shared religion and relative of the local communities that are through the government that favored the Pashtun culture. Their national identity was so weak, that the state did not consider disruptive. Their everyday food was flatbread that was cooked on an iron plate, in the fire or the inner wall clay oven. The bread is often dunked in light meat stock. Dairy products are a very important element of their diet, along with some other products. After saying everything above about Afghanistan, there are so many different cultures between Afghanistan and the United States. Like, the food, schools, people, and so many other things are different in the United States then they are in Afghanistan. Afghanistan does not have fast food restaurant, the schools in the United States are mix with boys and girls, whereas Afghanistan girls can’t go to school because of the Taliban. We are very different from Afghanistan, for example; the way we dress, eat, and or live our lives.


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