The cultivation of Aloe Vera has acquired great commercial importance for medicinal products and cosmetics processing but information is scarce about processing of this crop1. As such there is not much scientific information available in Zimbabwe regarding extraction of the aloe Vera gel whilst there is vast information about its wide range of benefits globally.1 The expanding Aloe industry urgently needs to develop test procedures and a reliable database for the extraction process of the aloe Vera gel. There is no scientific literature available for the extraction process of the aloe Vera leaf gel available in the country and also there is no evidence production set up of an industry in Zimbabwe reasons being that there is no commercial cultivation of the plant done1. The only companies in Zimbabwe which make use of the leaf gel as an ingredient in one of their products is DATLABS Zim (Pvt) Ltd and it is used as an active ingredient in the production of Lanolin Milk7 which is used as a cosmetic and Kelshmar Dairies which uses the gel to make a drinks. Large amounts of foreign currency is being externalized in the form of importation of the aloe Vera gel therefore there being need to undertake this project.


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