The building is a giant sculpted concrete form which is four stories high with sweeping lines that give the effect that this is a large single upright block of stone. The building hides the interior well and only the windows give some sort of indication of what lies behind the walls such as three high side windows show us that there is a great hall behind it. The great hall has four long windows which are coloured the same as in the first Goetheanum with them being green, blue, violet and pink. This use of different colours mean when you are in the great hall not only is the room filled with natural light it is also different colours changing and sectioning off parts of the hall. The building contains an auditorium where performances of Eurythmy occur which is an artistic routine originated by Rudolf Steiner himself. To comply with the laws and the building permit the design resulted in being reduced in height and of the west front and a widening of the horizontal wings. The laws and regulations were rather strict as the building lies within a memorial park. Some of the Anthroposophists regard this as a poor substitute in comparison to the first one that ended up being destroyed as it they are radically different from each other. The reason behind this is that the first one was mainly funded through donations whereas the second one was largely funded through the insurance claimed from the destruction of the first one. Steiner strayed away from the traditional architectural constraints such as the departure from the right angle as a base for the construction plan. He also achieved this in the first Goetheanum with the wood by hiring boat builders so he was able to create its rounded forms on an architectural scale. One of the reasons why Steiner unconventionally chose to use concrete is so that it would be more durable and less likely to burn down like the first one did. The building is now used for events and classes such as spiritual sciences and medical sciences, there is also a bookstore and café within it which are open daily from 9 am to 5:30pm.

Within Anthroposophy it is offensive to say that Steiner might have been influenced by other architecture of the period however Dennis sharp has shown and made a case that Steiner falls into the category of expressionist architecture where he also argues that Steiner was influenced by the Art Nouveau movement.

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This building is quite astonishing seeing as Steiner had no formal training as an architect. Anthroposophists who are people that believe in the philosophy founded by Steiner about the spiritual world say that his achievements in his field are evidence of his extraordinary creativity and development spiritually. Many other people say that this building is astounding for its time and a real monument in history. Michael Brennan has called the building “a true masterpiece of 20th century expressionist architecture.”


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