The Boston Massacre was a tragic and mysterious event that happened in history. It was during a time of protest and tension, when people began to doubt the English rule. After having been taxed so heavily, people began to gain the courage to rebel. The event took place on King Street on March 5, 1770 at 9:00 pm. There are many unknown factors, but what is certain is that the protestors provoked the soldiers into firing into the crowd. The main mystery lies on the real culprit behind the event. Based on the evidence presented it can be inferred that the protestors started the Boston Massacre.
On March 16, 1770, the testimonies of Captain Preston and Samuel Drowne were released. The testimonies show Captain Preston and Samuel Drowne’s points of view on the Boston Massacre. The captain and Drowne’s points of view have their similarities and differences. In both testimonies, the protestors provoked the soldiers daring to fire at them. Due to their constant provoking, it would not be surprising if one of them took it too far as to throw objects or hit the soldiers. As stated in Captain Preston’s testimony, “I feared that the officer and soldiers might be provoked by the insults of the rioters” and in Samuel Drowne’s testimony, “Several of them dared the soldiers to fire”. In this case, it does seem like a logical conclusion to assume that the protestors were the ones to start the massacre.
Comparing the two testimonies one comes off as more believable than the other. Document A seems to be more of a believable testimony compared to Samuel Drowne. Captain Preston is already in jail, so he has nothing to lose through his testimony. On the other hand, Samuel Drowne is a commoner among many who also had witnessed the Boston Massacre. Although, the two testimonies had their own share of bias, Drowne seemed to carry more. This is because he is part of the group that is vulnerable and oppressed. Surely, he is more likely to stretch the truth.
Many people believe the soldiers started Boston Massacre. The majority of those who find it the soldiers’ fault were the colonials. They thought it was cruel treatment and an unjustified act to shoot innocent and unarmed townsmen. Their claim was that the people in protest had no weapons on them nor could they inflict the soldiers with any harm besides insults. In Document B, there is a statement, “Most of the townspeople did not even have a stick in their hands to defend themselves.” In a way, without knowing and understanding the small details of the event, it is easy to suspect the soldiers because they were the ones to first commit a murder.
The Boston Massacre could be seen as a petty fight related to a series of events that resulted in the later American Revolution. Because of the many taxes, there was too much tension among the people. Whether it was intentional or unintentional firing and murdering, the Boston Massacre still continues to be a mysterious point in U.S. history. Even though this can be seen as pointless fight, it contributes to the American Revolution, which later helped us achieve independence from Great Britain, affecting our everyday lives.


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