The book ‘Dark Mountain’ written by Editors, Paul Kingsnorth and Dougald Hine, published by the Dark Mountain Project 2010, in Great Britain. The main thesis of the Dark Mountain book and the Manifesto is, a new cultural movement for an age of global disruption and to convey to the primed reader a sense of excitement and the awareness that the kick-start of an oppositional cultural movement. This project began life as a response to a sense of disillusion with what environmentalism has become.
The Author campaigned against climate change, deforestation, overfishing, landscape destruction, extinction and all, and he wrote about how the global economic system was trashing the global ecosystem. He did all the things that environmentalists do. But after a while, he stopped believing it because none of his campaigns were succeeding, except on a very local level and it seemed to him that the environmentalists were not being honest with themselves.

It was increasingly obvious that climate change could not be stopped, that modern life was not consistent with the needs of the global ecosystem, that economic growth was part of the problem, and that the future was not going to be bright, green, comfortable and ‘sustainable’ for ten billion people but was more likely to offer decline, depletion, chaos and hardship for all people. Yet, according to the author, all kept pretending that if they just carried on campaigning as usual, the impossible would happen.

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When Paul Kingsnorth met Dougald Hine, a former journalist, he found someone equally skeptical about the rose-tinted vision of the future that permeates society and has even taken hold of those who ought to know better. It wasn’t just environmentalism that they believed was peddling false hope: they saw the same refusal to face reality permeating the world of culture. Both writers, they wondered where the writing, the art, the music was, that tried to move beyond the self-satisfied stories they tell themselves about their ability to manage the future.


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