On March 25, 1958, Janusz Zurakowski a Polish pilot, who became Avro Aircrafts chief development pilot in 1952. He was given the honor to be the first to fly the Arrow. Zurakowski Climbed into the cockpit of the plane, made a final equipment check, released the brakes, and pressed down on throttle. Away it went, the Arrow was ready for take off. All the test procedures had finally paid off with a flight that was flawless, as the whole world could watch it in person or on television. It was on that flight where Zurakowski took the aircraft up to 11,000 feet, and on following flights it could reach easily a height of 50,000 feet traveling two times faster than the speed of sound. It was not until the summer of 1958, Avro canada had made a total of three Arrows. The RL 201, 202, and 203 all recorded up to 57 flights, adding up to 61 hours of flight time. The RL 204 was later complete in development, and flew only six times in October 1958. As of January 11, 1959, the RL 205 Arrow was built, and had flown only once after development. But by now the Arrow was proven to be doomed.In september 1958, the Prime Minister announced that the government was not going to complete the Arrow program. This was because of the belief that if Russia was going to attack, it would be done so with nuclear missiles. The Arrow Would be almost useless against an attack like this. Crawford Gordon Jr, the president of Avro Canada, Chose not to believe that his Arrow program would be cancelled. “I want to stress most emphatically that the Arrow program has not been cancelled. Nor has it been decided, not to put it into production. On the contrary the Minister’s statement says the program is to continue, as it now stands it involves the building of 37 aircrafts and an appropriate number of engines. This situation remains unchanged and we are convinced that when the review takes place next March the arrow will be ordered into production.” -Crawford Gordon Jr, Avro Arrow Documentary


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