The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is widely used as a multiple criteria decision-making tool which was first developed by Saaty¬ 34. In spite of its popularity and wide range of applications, the conventional AHP approach is often criticized for its inability to reflect the vagueness and uncertainty of DMs’ preferences. Hence, the modified FAHP is typically applied as an evaluation tool to make up for this deficiency in the conventional AHP approach 35, 36.
As mentioned before, there are many fuzzy AHP methods that are proposed by various authors. In this study, the MFAHP is proposed based on the concept of Chang’s 37 technique. This technique enjoys various merits including comparatively easier, less time taking, and less computational expense than many other fuzzy AHP approaches 35. Meanwhile, this study develops the Chang’s 37 technique based on the last aggregation concept to determine the criteria weights precisely. Indeed, aggregating the judgments of decision makers about the relative importance of criteria in last step could avoid the loss of information


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