The American revolutionary war began on 19th of April, 1775.and ended October 19, 1781. Right after the war which is known as The Battle of Bunker Hill began in Lexington and Concord’1″. Another reason this battle was important is it informed the colonial troops that the British were not invincible and that they could be defeated. The loss that the British experienced helped boost the Colonial’s confidence and this battle would be the foundation they could look back on for the many battles that occurred during the American Revolution1

The Battle of Bunker Hill did not happen overnight, but events that lead to it. The battle was the result of struggle for land and the hostility between Great Britain and the colonies for

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Many years. Many of the oppressive feelings came as a result of British laws and

Restrictions placed on them. It would not be true to say that the battle was the beginning

Of the fight for independence”2″. It is needed to see that this was not a decision that was

Decided so quickly it occurred because of one dispute, but rather that the feelings for the

British had been getting worse for a long time and were finally released.2

The Generals and their roles during the battle

The day of June 15, 1775 the American colonists got word that the British planned to

Control the Charleston peninsula. at three in the afternoon the British had established over 2,000 troops on the peninsula, which was led by General Howe. After being on the peninsula they were ordered to charge up the hill. The objective was intended to scare the colonist away, but it turned out that they were not afraid. The Bunker’s and Breed’s Hill on the peninsula overlooked both Boston and its harbor, making the hills a critical vantage point.”3″. General Prescott took 1,200 of his men in order to beat the British to the high ground, solders that were undisciplined, disobedient and drunk most of the time3. Which he ordered

To dig into Bunker Hill at night on June 16. When the sun raised, the British were shocked to see Breed’s Hill fortified overnight with a structure over 160 feet of the British Generals, general Gage, dispatched 2,300 troops under Major General Howe to take control of the hill. There was a twist it turned out to be that General Prescott did not actually fortify Bunker’s Hill, but instead it was Breed’s Hill. What really happened? One idea is that Colonel William Prescott, while fortifying the hill at night, picked the wrong hill in the middle of the night. Regardless of what really happened the battle of Bunker Hill took place on Breed’s Hill.

The importance of the battle

Even though it was fought a year before the revolutionary war began the battle of Bunker Hill was an importuned battle. The battle sent a strong massage to both the British and the colonies, what the revolutionary war would be like. During the Battle of Bunker Hill, the colonies had the advantage of the location. The colonies at control over the hill, which is a big advantage during the battle. However, the British had more supplies and weapons the colonies had it. It took the British three tries to capture the bunker, which was breeds hill. The British captured the hill only because the colonist ran out of ammunition.

One of the reasons the battle was imported because it sent a message to both sides. The colonist began to believe they could fight against the British army and be successful against them. The lack of ammunition would give the confidence to the colonies because it would ultimately be the downfall of the British the colonist believed they would do well fighting against the British army. The British began to realize this is going to be a difficult battle to fight. the British went into battle believing they would win quick without heavy losses, but the battle sent them a hard message that the opponent is one not to underestimate. This battle, while occurring a year before the Declaration of Independence was issued, was imported because of the messages it sent to both sides

The victor of the battle and the effect it had on the war

The Battle of Bunker Hill proved that the colonies can take on even the most feared troops even the British. Unfortunately, The British ended up winning the battle but suffered many more casualties then the colonies troops. After such a loss, the British had to rebuild, giving the Americans a time to retreat and recuperate. The importance of Bunker Hill was that even a small number of Patriots troops can fight to the end while never giving up. Wish in return let the British know that the Americans wouldn’t be easily beat.

The British victory was short lived because the British casualties went down third of their forces and they were unable to put an end to the Siege of Boston. Eight months later, realizing that they can’t keep a hold on Boston the British evacuated their troops the British realized that they were no longer able to hold Boston and evacuated their troops. The patriots showed and fought for their freedom and showed England that they were a free country.

Theme of the sight

The Bunker Hill had a moving theme to the sight my brother lives in New York and I and he went to see the monument and we got to climb it. We got see the great hill that was the advantage point in the fight between the colonies and the British. The energy in that building was like anything I ever felt.


In Conclusion the Battle of Bunker Hill was important for many reasons. The first being

that it was the first battle of the revolutionary war which laid the foundation of battles that took place after the battle which told the colonies and America as a whole that nothing is impossible and once the battle was over even when losing the battle, they gained more than the win which is confidence and saw that the British are not invincible, and they can be beat in a war. The losses that the British experienced helped boost the confidence of the colonists.


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