The amalgam of mental health, primary health care has
led to a big change from the concept of precautionary custody to one.
This underlines the care and treatment, even if a huge gap.
Between the rhetoric of this new policy and its implementation.
it is still psychiatric hospitals, with all their inherent flaws
The disadvantages are powerful institutions for the proper care of
a subset of people with mental illness, especially those with serious illnesses
forms of illness and poor social / family assistance. 33
The last two decades have seen an explosion of knowledge.
Basis of neuroscience, epidemiology and therapy.
There was also a parallel growth in the interdisciplinary field.
Links, which support social and cultural integration.
appropriate approaches for mental health interventions. It is
It is sometimes difficult for contemporary professionals
understand the great challenges it faces
mental health professionals in the post-Indian period
independence. However, it is important to remember it
The foundations of the current knowledge base have been laid.
during those first years.


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