Tesco’s ownership is owned by several partnerships but the company itself is owned by many shareholders who help to fund the business in some way. Tesco get a lot of their funding from the sales that they make but they also get some extra funding from the shareholders which plays a big part within the business. The reason for this is because they are a public limited company (PLC). The advantage of Tesco being a PLC is that they have limited liability to their shareholders meaning that they can only pay out a certain amount of money if the business goes bankrupt or fails. Also, Tesco being a PLC means that they can sell their shares to the public.
Cancer Research –
As well as any other charity, Cancer Research UK is not owned by anyone and it is funded by a board of trustees. Therefore, it doesn’t have any specific ownership type because it is a charity and a not-for-profit business. Cancer Research UK’s liability is covered by trustees covering any debts or financial difficulties. The benefit of being a charity ownership is that they benefit from a variety of tax reliefs. The reason for this is that they do not have the money to pay tax and the money that they receive is not for personal goods it is to help save people’s lives.


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