Tesco has a variety of different Stakeholders, for example Shareholders of Tesco are stakeholders, and so are the Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Owners, Trade Unions, Local and National Communities and the Government.
Shareholders are people that have made the decision to invest in a certain company.
Tesco – Shareholders of Tesco are looking for a profitable outcome from their investment, and so are looking for Tesco to be making a large profit in order for them to make a good amount of money back. This is the Shareholders primary interest in Tesco.
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Customers are people or businesses that buy from a select company.
Tesco – Customers as Stakeholders for Tesco are primarily looking for the best quality product for the best value, and are looking for good deals and promotions for their products.
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Employees are people that work for a business providing a service of some sort to help the business function.

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