Technology is moving with a terrific speed and something need to be done if that will not be the case we might avert from the prime reason of having man and human being been created to take their responsibilities. We are living in times where the machines are representing the man in whatever the man used to do. The technologists every morning are coming up with new made machine which are substituting the man in the field of work. We have so-called Robots which are gone to an extend of behaving like a man and we will face a great challenge.
As I write this letter to you, we have many hotels workers in the world been served by robots. 45% according to the statistics of many jobs that man used to do now are being down by the machines. Many human kinds have lost their jobs and the number of workers in factories and industries is decreasing every day and night and the effects are the technology and invention of machines. Some duties like waiter and cashier are now being done by the machines and the competence of the machine and the preciseness of the machine are high and is an advantage on one side but it its killing the other part and the largest percentage of people who are left without jobs. It will be of great importance if we have people who will remain in the job market with the so competitive bit of machines.
It’s so disappointing when we have a big company which used to employ more than one thousand workers and the main root of this is the introduction of the machine in the factory. We have an example of India where in a whole hotel the waiter and every person there is a machine expect the customers who are human being. This shows that God will be disapprove


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