Task 2
We are as a health and social care study group going through a lot of situation which may give us a way to rethink or go for further study to get a new way to sort out some difficulties within our limitation of working area. So from this writing I will try my best to show some specific extend on which individuals are at risk, what policies are best for this risk factors, managerial approach for promoting this individual health and well-being, related legislation, effective policies for administering medicine and also put an effort to draw a description about codes of practice and policy which can be apply to medication handling.

Case study 1
Mr A.B. Cahndra 26 year adult (not a real name) who is suffering from physical disability and hearing impairment lead him to take caring from health care staff. From his incapability, we can see so many things happen to him, firs instance, he is not speaking to anyone and eating no food enough for surviving as he was under rehabilitation centre observing. In second instance, we also see he not behaving as usual which means aggressiveness and no participation in daily activities that may have give him organised care of improving health and safety in comfort.
From this case we need to look at his risk in first place of duty of caring which can support him to recover the situation he have already. From the rehabilitation centre, he needs to stay there, abide by policy, rules of this rehab centre. He also needs to show his understanding of handling tools for his daily activity. Mostly the entire policy and rules in this centre will be helping to boost his independence and becoming a safe handler of life leading on food taking, using different kind of substances which can give him faster recovery from his illness. On other hand, we can also see the operative system of rehabilitation centre is to follow appropriate acts, legislation in relation to provide care to this type of individuals. The centre performance is must depending on the duty of care according to current laws and legislation. What are following in below?

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? Skills of safety and duty of care application by existing law
? The duty of care should be on recording and editing on log book
? The care of duty should be on food and hygiene based performance
This above point led us to think about the centre performance according to legislation and laws that must show complete using Manual Handling operations regulations (1992), Control of Substances hazardous to health (2002) what are basis of security and learning development for individuals, RIDDOR (1995), Food and Safety Act (1990), Data Protection act or newly operated (GDPR 2018). We can also see the application family and private life under human right act (1998) article 8.
From this organisation behaviour pattern, I can identify system and policies that will help the supporting staff to apply the existing skill and knowledge to maximise participation and independence of AB Chandra for handling the tools, equipment and other machinery item. The care staffs provides him service in accordance with multi-cultural vision, respecting all belief, values. In the induction day of caring, the care staffs are providing all important things to resident like mr CHANDRA as well as all it applies to all other client in here. At most care settings what they in induction, it is basic familiarity of all equipment of the centre which are really beneficial for its resident.
The policy and procedure in practice are in effective by following of managerial approach to reduce the risk, optimise the mr AB Chandra well-being of health. Moreover this centre is operating health and carte service to all individuals followed by relevant rules and legislation. Say for example in this centre, the staff, doctors, nurses are carried out their duty according to the settings guidelines and instructed their daily day to day care for the resident in there.
Similarly, we can have a look at the supporting staff of the rehabilitation centre, which is mainly at point of service to client. What are the duties of care including? These are as following;
? It specifies the quickest way of caring service to individual in the centre on daily basis
? It shows us the liking, disliking matter, preferences of individual in this rehabilitation centre how is performing according to demand of the situation.
? It also help us to find the centre guidelines of following administering medication to Mr AB Chandra
Whenever mr Ab Chandra is becoming better day by day, he started to take medication himself as it is done by the supporting staff. The supporting staff is playing the most important role to improve and promote the resident health by applying their trained and gained knowledge regarding to this specific health condition.
Case study 2
Mr A.H. Sunil (not real name) who is suffering from learning disability and mental health and his behaviour show some challenging issue to the care staff since he is not a complete mental disordered person like semi conditoin. Some of his daily task is being done by himself i.e. prepare his food. At one point carer found something wrong about his forgetting mood and swings things. The following things are observing to follow his daily activities: alarm system, notes, reminder arrangement is set up for his routine work. Also proper dietary guidelines are applied to him for better health.
With a view to maintain his safety, the supporting staff keep eye on the automated devices that can help them to find out in what time, when mr Sunil is doing his all task and immediate after the care staff are checking everything.
Reducing the risk of sunil study, we can have a look at his surrounding which can lead him to further danger, any kind of social exclusion, dementia, medication and probability of raising any abusive factors. Considering all of his circumstances, we are able to find out the risk assessment are carried out by the centre. This assessment includes the entire activities, performances; procedures are followed in all possible way by the care taking people and care giver side.
Code of practice, policy on medication administering in this type of centre is to be followed by the service user preferences, equality base, rights of human value. This can show us the optimum level of satisfaction, care and support irrespective any situation. This can be done by giving proper training to care staff and instructed them according to current legislation and laws.
Clear understanding of the code of conduct and practices about the service user and organisation must have to follow in all possible best ways as it is maximising the service user health and organisation value of practicing field. So the advices are taking by organisation and also it is best policy to apply in caring field. This is helping the client to boost their health, care staff confident, addressing the challenging behaviour so that may recover the client loneliness, frustration of the supporting staff.
In aspect of supporting situation, the staffs is there to help the service user to become an independent in their daily activities that may lead to become a social member to carry out all sorts of socialising performances. i.e. got to restaurant, cinema, pub and any other recreational centre. The another mandatory task of the care centre is to monitor and control patients and staff should carry out their duty without any kind of non-motivational way, like as same as in relax, comfortable way.
Case study 3
Mr A. H. Butt. Who is dementia patient since he has got stroke and he has two children at his home. After getting his stroke attack, he is behaving in different way to his children which is really danger for his family member as well as to other member around him. At one point of his daily living, he was bitten by his son severely on his body which was needed to take some stitches to fix his wounded area. Mr Butt also wished to live alone due to his family surrounding may again become danger like the biting incidence may occur. His mind set was like that if he stays at home, there might be huge chances of getting abuse and fall into domestic violence. Even he has got scariness of death by the family member who already bites him just because of silly thing. This is how he also might be thinking some other danger of killing him, stealing his property, money and so on. So from this situation, he could have to commit a suicide before that type of dangers happen to him. And this is what I am trying to clarify that actual fact are liable for this situation. This incidence helps me to grasp some points of danger about him. These are following:
a. Risk of harming to him
b. His thought of committing suicide
c. Scary feeling about life (stealing money, loss of possession the asset)
d. Physical abuse
e. Mental abuse
Not only above this, there may be some other danger happen which are addressing by the care centre staff successfully according to current legislation, care homes policy, code of conduct and further mandatory things like trained staff, safety issue of this centre. How the care centre is performing to deal with specific matter of health problem i.e. mental health, deafness, dementia, diabetic, heart disease, etc. additionally, how the organisation compliance with laws, rights of the service user liking and disliking choices priority.

Case study 4

Mr A.N. Sebastan, who are taking medication by the carer of medication currently under the observation of doctor guidance and progressing from his diseases of dementia, But at the main of care is performing by his support worker to give him medication and everything is been recorded to log book about anything is done by carer. Because this is needed to check by doctor on how much he is improved from that health condition. This practice has to be carried out by care worker only who is already trained to do this job of medication. It is not only that but it is definitely helpful to promote the well-being of the service users under specific target. In practical filed of empowering is important, those are to specified in following ways:
a. Respect and evaluate the client equally without any ground of discrimination,
b. About sharing the information which can be helpful to make a trustworthy among the client,
c. Delegating with authority and impact study and open feedback system can achieve the target of care.
Under considering at medication process, the care settings only we will be judged by it practical caring field of current medication procedures. There also, some steps are available to apply medicine administering which must be followed by the care home for the group of individual or client health improvement. These are:-

• Log book writing includes recording the process of medication prescribed by doctor and pharmacist to give the medication and kept as the documents for the future terms which could help in keeping the evidence of the records.
• Follow the guidance and disposal of medicine is to be acquired by storing process in health care centre. As an example, medicines should keep, in what temperatures, which designated area, should be used and so on practice has to be clearly followed by current laws and guidance.

After above all pointed things, I can conclude that the caring staff and care user are in the similar line or have the similarity at the stage of service in health side and have involvement in health. One side is taking health service and other side is providing service. But we are as learning partner need to know about the entire policy, rules, legislation, procedures, the care home duty and staff duty, roles of responsibility of professional, etc, between taking and providing issues are very important to us. So it is admittedly accepted in general that care staff, caring body of organisation need to maintain a standard level of accuracy to make sure all service user or individual are in heart of the care which is reflected on practical service.

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