Occupational Therapy Personal


Occupational therapy has impacted the
health and well-being of people in several positive ways. People who lost their
ability to provide self-care due to illness and injury can benefit both
mentally and physically from receiving occupational therapy. Although each individuals’
illness may be different, the illness may be controllable. Occupational therapist
develops a plan to evaluate and treat individuals by helping them overcome
adversities they are facing in their everyday activities.  Although, it may be difficult to learn and
adjust to performing daily tasks differently, people can learn how to take care
of themselves and lead a more productive life. By receiving occupational therapy,
people can learn to live with their injuries, illnesses or disabilities, gain
their confidence back, return to work and build up their self-esteem. “Additionally,
it is through occupations that a healthy, physical, and mental wellbeing is
obtained” (Wilcox et al,1997).

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Since middle school, I desired to
work in a health care environment where I would be able to help and assist
patients improve their skills after encountering health issues. A Master’s
degree in Occupational Therapy will provide me with the knowledge, skills, and
abilities required to accomplish this endeavor.


During the summer months while in
middle school and high school, I volunteered and shadowed healthcare
professionals in different units at Capital Regional Medical Center. Being
exposed to duties such as interacting with patients, sanitizing equipment,
assisting with lab work, providing customer service to patients, and assisting
health care staff in post-partum, labor and delivery and the lab was very
gratifying.  The volunteering experiences
at Capital Regional Medical Center helped me realize my compassion and desire
to work in the health care field.    


high school, I decided to pursue a degree in Health Sciences with a
concentration in Pre-Occupational Therapy. 
During my senior year in college, I’ve had the opportunity to shadow and
observe several occupational therapists. While shadowing these therapists, I’ve
gained more knowledge about the importance of helping clients improve several
skills that will help them become more independent in their daily activities such
as strengthening their hands, learning to extend their arms, feeding, grooming and
dressing themselves. My studies and volunteer work, while in college, at
several health care facilities shadowing occupational therapist, has aided me
in understanding more about the profession and the skills required to be a successful
occupational therapist.


In Spring 2018, I plan to obtain a
Bachelor degree in Health Science with a concentration in Pre-Occupational
Therapy. A desire to further my education and to assist patients with becoming independent
in their daily activities has led me to pursue the Masters of Occupational
Therapy degree. I am very excited about the program because it will further prepare
me for the profession.


If accepted in the Master of
Occupational Therapy program, I will study hard to achieve the Master degree
and to become an outstanding Occupational Therapist.


you for your consideration.





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