Serving as a former HR professional and member at the Senior Level Management for over 24years in the field now, Tahniyat Karim had started her entrepreneurship journey with a missionto serve the society with human empowerment and development by enforcing our humanresources. Observing her responsibilities as the CEO & Director at the “FinAction BangladeshLtd.” the mother company of “Financial Forum Bangladesh” & “StepUpWiser”, respectivelyproviding FinTech solution and the platform for the next fresh peer group and anyone lookingfor a divergence in career guided toward their necessary corporate savvy in this competitiveworld.As well accomplished herself Tahniyat Karim had been the Head of HR and Admindepartment at various reputed banking organizations. She has become a well-known figure bysuccessfully performing her duty as the Head of HR at Dhaka Bank Ltd. & Brac Bank Ltd. forover a long period of ten years. After spending a brief period of working as the CoordinationManager at different organizations she moved to Standard Chartered Bank proving herself to beno short of an expert working as the Customer Relationship Manager, Priority Banking and as aSupport Manager to Chief Executive Officer at the same organization as well as at ANZGrindlays Bank.Her career began working as the Public Relations Manager and her academic achievementincludes Certification on Strategic Human Resources Practices from Cornell University, USAwith an excellence of CGPA 3.97 and persisting on being a Gold medalist in receipt of her PostGraduate Diploma Course in Human Resource Management. She completed her MBA fromSoutheast University.Tahniyat Karim has been well-appreciated for her remarks in the banking section and othersby being awarded the Annoynna Top Ten Award in the Category of Banking Section in 2009 andreceived ‘Excellent’ performance rating in last 5 years. A proven corporate figure well-trained byseveral relevant training and development programs in countries like Germany, Canada,Singapore, Dubai and others she has excelled and established her own goodwill in the marketproudly.


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