Tackling is a strength of mine, tackling is when you try to take the ball from an opponent by intercepting them. Tackling is needed in my position of centre back,when the opposing side gets past the forward players and they get to the defence which is the last line of players they have to get past to have a clear shot at scoring a goal, it is needed in this position because it is the aim of the defender to dispossess the opponent of the ball and stop them from getting past to the goalkeeper. Tackling is needed in centre back during competition, this is because it stops the player from gaining ground towards goal or to stop them from carrying out what they intend. Tackling could also be used in the position of wing-back as they must have the ability, when needed, to fall back and mark opposing players to lessen threat of conceding a goal-scoring opportunity. They will need tackling as a strength during a competition, this is because they need to defend effectively against opponents’ attacks down the flanks by tackling the players that go towards the side of the pitch.

A recent scenario during a match we played against a local team called marys club, i was in my centre back position and the ball was in the oppositions side, they had control and were coming closer and closer to our defence with every move they made, so i got into a ready position shoulders flexed, arms extended infront of me and and i had my eyes set on the ball, he came running straight at me and tried to make a pass to his teammate who managed to get past our left back but i intercepted the ball with my right foot and i swiftly passed the ball away from the goal by toe punting the ball to our left winger who was running to receive the ball. Another scenario of a match i played recently, was against a team called brentford fc. It was a corner to the opposition and i was marking one of their strikers, the corner was taken and the ball landed right to us but the striker had a height advantage and he managed to get the ball before me but i stayed determined and i put my foot out and managed to get the ball and kick it far away from the danger area. If i did not have this key skill (tackling) than this would affect my teams performance as they won’t have a defender who can play his role and keep up to the demand of the game and keep working at a good work rate.
Tackling would put a individual at an advantage in a five a side football match as there are less player and the field will be smaller, everyone will be close together meaning there will be competition for the ball and if you don’t have the ball than you need to be good at tackling so you can dispossess the opponent of the ball and be able to have a chance of scoring and eventually winning the football game.

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