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What is Wrong with iOS 12 Beta?
iOS 12 beta is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. It has been released to users to help shape the software by test-driving the version and give feedback for updates and improvements. iOS 12 has experienced bug issues since its launch to users. However, iOS 12 is technically still in beta and so it’s reasonable to expect some bugs. iOS 12 beta has several performance bugs that are leaving devices useless and appears to break simple functions like app launches. Apps take longer time to load when started and frequently hanging the systems animations. The following article will focus on the iOS 12 beta bugs.

Missing notifications
As a tester running the iOS 12 beta, you are bound to encounter an issue that causes a software update prompt, that appear constantly on your screen. Although you will have an option of closing down the window, the operating system leaves no way to update since there is update available yet. Every time your device unlocks, the update prompt pops up. Clearing all your notifications temporarily solves the problem, until you unlock your device again. Apple announced that iOS 12 would bring back notification grouping. It was anticipated that the new system would clean up the notification center, allowing you to view your notifications independently on every app. However, notification grouping does not always work and it might make you miss out on important notifications.
Siri Shortcuts Error on HomePod
Siri shortcuts are probably the most exciting features to be developed by Apple today. For Homepod to work flawlessly, Siri has to be excellent. However, with iOS 12 beta Siri is far from excellent. Siri’s ability to recognize and remember simple commands is not good enough. You might try giving commands to your Homepod, only to get a “I did not hear what you said” error message.
Siri Shortcuts is for developers only right now
When using iOS 12 beta, Siri shortcuts might not work on your locked device. Siri shortcuts are only available to third-party developers for testing purposes. As a beta tester, you will not have access to the Shortcuts app, unless you sign up as a developer. Developers will create Siri voice triggers for specific apps to expand Siri’s capabilities. However, you can access Workflow, which resembles Siri shortcuts. Therefore, as you use the beta version, you cannot gain access to deeper functionalities of Siri.
iOS 12 Might Freeze Frequently
It is quite annoying when your IPhone freezes while in use. As an iOS 12 beta user, this is inevitable. Your device can get stuck on the spinning wheel screen for close to 10 minutes before fixing itself. Although your device might freeze and crash occasionally throughout the beta process, Apple will eventually fix the problem towards the final release of the software.
iMessage not working
When using iOS 12 beta, you may realize that the iMessage and messages app are not working as expected. You may find that your messages are not being sent and delivered at all. Also, iMessage might send texts using your default Apple ID email instead of your mobile phone number. To solve this problem, you can sign out of your iMessage and reboot your phone. However, your iMessage and messages app will work flawlessly after the release of the final version of the app by Apple.
Unavailable Dictionary for some users
When using the iOS 12 beta, you will realize that the dictionary app is missing. However, unavailable dictionary is not a problem to all users. If you try finding a word either on a search or using Look up, you might not find the word. Siri suggestions may take you to websites and other information associated with your search but dictionary may be unavailable for iOS 12 beta users.
Not All Apps Optimized Yet
iOS 12, being the latest release by Apple, have plenty of bugs, most of which affect the apps you use daily. In the early stages of a beta, developers have not optimized their apps to enable them work on the latest beta release. While some apps may flawlessly operate, others can undergo dire setbacks when using any iOS beta version. Some apps contain minor bugs while others are completely broken. Apps that are completely broken will either fail to launch or disable you from logging in. Apps that are downright broken include:
First Direct;
Office Lens;
Real Racing 3;
Microsoft Teams;
Tesco Clubcard;
Tao bao; and

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Performance Issues
You have experienced slowdown, random reboots and sluggish performance when using iOS 12 beta. General working and performance of your device have also been affected. For instance, your device may overheat regularly and your battery power drain fast. Unless this issue is solved in the next beta release, it will keep on affecting your device. Also, you may experience issues with your Bluetooth connectivity and camera not working. iOS 12 beta might also affect the working of your flashlight. Moreover, your speaker might stop working, experience problems with your GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. All these performance issues are expected with the current release, until Apple launches the final application to users.
Updating Issues
You might encounter a number of updating problems with iOS 12 beta. Firstly, iOS 12 is not able to check for update and mostly gives you the ‘unable to check for update’ error. The update issues arise almost every time Apple releases a new software. Secondly, the other updating issue you might encounter is inability to download iOS 12 on your device. Thirdly, with the beta version of iOS 12 you might fail to perform a software update for the application. Lastly, as you try to update your software, the system may unable to verify the update. Usually, the verifying process takes less than two minutes but with iOS 12 beta version, you might get stuck on the “verifying update” screen.

FaceTime Issues
Group face time is an exciting feature of iOS 12. However, it won’t work on all your devices running the beta software. Also, group face time does not work between different betas. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that everyone is running the latest beta version. Another issue is that camera effects on face time does not work for everyone. It only works effectively for the IPhone 7 and later brands.
In conclusion, iOS 12 containing new exciting features is on its way to being launched. Apple is letting interested users install the iOS 12 public beta to check out the iOS 12 and provide feedback. Currently, apple has released an open iOS 12 beta for developers and public beta testers. Therefore, any user who installs the update on their device should expect nothing but issues. The iOS 12 beta is not an indicator of how smooth the full version will run after it is launched. Noteworthy, features that are contained in the beta version may not be there in the final release. When apple launces the final software, it will be stable and free on bugs.


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