Street hawking/vending is a common practice done in
every part of India, the unauthorized street hawking/ vending just
have flourished in the city because of the well- oiled system of “hafta”
,weekly bribes that there hawkers have to pay to the police, BMC and municipal officials.
Most citizens of the city thinks that the street hawkers are mealy a Menace to
the city, because of them the roads and pavements often get congested and
mostly the accidents on the road takes place because of them. Therefore they
should be removed from there but is it fare to snatch there “rosy roti” just because
it takes you some extra time while traveling on the road in your luxurious cars.

Like the other part of India, Jaipur is also facing this problem
but is it really a problem or solutions to many problem as the activity of
Hawking just not create problem in the city it also has some good things to it,
it actually address the need of both the citizens of the city and the hawkers up
to some extent as the citizens need for cheap and convenient goods and services
which fits in their budget and the vendors get their source of livelihood and as
these vendors are very large in number and come from a very poor family we cannot
remove the hawking totally from the city as this is the only source of their
income. Sometimes these vendors also act as a protection for general public as
in their presence the thief finds difficulty in robbing as these people are
sitting on the edge of the road  and the
thieve cannot escape from the street . They are helpful and not so helpful in
many ways, so we should think about this agenda from both the ways.

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It is also true that because of hawking the streets get congested
but hawking is not the only reason behind this there are several other reason like
parking of vehicles on the road etc, and to solve this problem hawkers should
not be totally removed from the street instead they should be relocated from
the main street to side streets, in order to solve the problem of traffic
congestion. One more solution to this could be building Hawkers centers at
certain distances and the venders should be relocated there where only the pedestrians
should be allowed, vehicles should be banned from entering that areas

Design should not be reflection or reaction of designer’s prior knowledge
or experience as he’s not designing for himself but for the other person therefore
others viewpoint matters a lot

The designer should be neutral while conducting research as they
are designing for the other person, he should be neutral and research upon positive
as well as negative aspect and understand everybody’s viewpoint rather than
jumping to solutions, therefore the designer should not just take the positive
aspect of his design he should also count the negative aspects while
researching in order to make his design a success. And according to me this is
what I think of when it come to street hawking.



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