Statement of Intent:

I have decided to write a feature article for this task. The subject that I am writing is on gender inequality in the gaming industry. I will discuss how women are viewed and treated differently. I will use statistics and persuasive language to encourage people so that they will sympathise with females and be more accepting of them in the gaming industry. My target audience will be mainly teenage females as it would affect them the most and people who watch gamers as they would be biased to watch males over females. I hope to persuade females that being a gamer isn’t just for males and change their mindset on the topic.

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68 percent of gamers are over the age of 18. Adult women represent a larger percentage of gamers than teenage boys. This puts an end to the stereotype that male gamers overwhelm the females completely.

The stereotype that gaming is a male dominated activity or occupation is wrong. There has nearly always been an even percentage of genders with females around the 45 % mark. And over the past few years, females have steadily evened it out to 50/50 in most countries and some countries like France and Spain, in 2017, have more female gamers than males. The reason for this is most likely that the world is changing to be a more technologically based society.

Women and men working in the industry are treated differently. As most of the gaming industry is male, females are often overlooked and spoken over as they are not respected in this line of work.


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