Staples uses personal experiences to emphazie the terms of anger and violence through diverse examples, such as the scene where he came in running into an office for a magazine because he was late for the deadline and was mistaken for a burgluar. Staples demonstartes that African Amwerican have to deal with preconception regarding the color of their skin. In support of anger, Staples supports his argument by explaining the incident where a “reporter was mistaken as a killer and was hauled at with gunpoint by police” (188). In another scene, Staples tries to appeal to the readers emotions by using pathos when he describes a personal experience when he was “scarcely noticeable against a backdrop of gang warfare, street knifings, and murderes” (188). Staples highlights that the violence he experienced as a kid affected him physically and emotionally. By using this device, it helps draw the audience in and conncect with the argument.


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